Why You Should Be Using Facebook For Your Hearing Aid Practice

Why You Should Be Using Facebook For Your Hearing Aid Practice

Tucker Worster Marketing

Tucker Worster

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Tucker Worster

Even though Facebook started as a way for those in college to connect with their peers, it’s now an important way for businesses to find new customers. It’s not hard to see why: the social media company boasts a user base of 1.49 billion members worldwide, a figure bigger than the current population of China.

Your new hearing aid customers are definitely in there somewhere, and it is up to you to find them. With a little foresight and planning, any hearing aid company can find and successfully convert new leads on Facebook. Here are some of the ways in which you can make Facebook work for your hearing practice.

Connect with your audience through posts, videos, comments

Good connectivity to it’s current, former and potential customers is particularly crucial for any hearing practice. You have to be able to interact and build connections with others and direct participation is the best way to do this. Facebook enables you to put a human touch to your practice by helping you talk with people directly, creating a more personal experience for the both of you.

Facebook pages are also great for your hearing clients, events and well-wishers to keep up to date with hearing-related reviews and news. It also a good place to collect and respond to customer feedback, positive or negative. If you hearing practice business page grows you will develop a loyal following that will increase the number of referrals to your practice.

Raise awareness about upcoming events

There are many events you could organise to raise awareness and increase footfall at your hearing practice. Maybe you’re having an open day of free hearing tests and hearing aid demonstrations, or you’re offering a limited discount to mark a special holiday period.

Whatever the promotion you’re having, it goes without saying that you want to maximize the number of people attending. How can you let other people know about your events? You can promote on local radio, but everybody streams their music nowadays. Or you might buy an advertisement in the local newspaper, but very few people read them nowadays.

Even if potential customers see your local ad in a newspaper, they are more likely to attend if they respond to your event on Facebook. Its event system is perfect for spreading information about events to others. There’s a chance that the event will turn up on your fan’s news feeds. If they decide to attend, it could even end up appearing on the news feeds of their friends. That is free viral marketing right there.

Gather leads with Facebook Ads

This is perhaps one of the most powerful ways in which hearing aid practices can leverage the social media website. As the site now oversees 22 billion clicks on Facebook advertisements every year, Facebook ads can be a very savvy use of your limited marketing budget and can increase your leads exponentially. Here are some reasons why it is likely to do this.

You are able to target specific demographics of people with Facebook Ads. Users can be targeted by place, demographic, age, sex, hobbies, behavior and even social connections. Now you don’t have to worry about wasting money targeting those who are clearly outside of your target market, which saves you money and means each dollar is spent more efficiently.

Mobile users can now call you directly from your ad from their smartphone. Almost half of Facebook’s are using the service almost exclusively on their smartphones, which makes the call button feature incredibly powerful. By making it much easier for users to call you directly you bypass several marketing steps and could secure a hearing consultation with the user within minutes.

You can also use the same parameters to search for more users like those who have recently become your leads. This feature is called “lookalike audiences” and is a great way to reach more people like those who have recently shown an interest in your hearing practice.


Are you looking for help on how to leverage the power of Facebook for your hearing practice? We can help manage your social media profiles for maximum lead generation. Contact us for more information.