What is Link Building and How Does It Help Your Practice?

What is Link Building and How Does It Help Your Practice?

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Tucker Worster

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Link building is all about convincing other websites to provide links on their pages that link to your hearing practice website. This is one of the main of tactics for increasing your search presence. It works because these links from other websites tell Google that your website is a quality resource. Websites with more high-quality links are usually ranked higher.

However, there is a fair and unfair way to create links to your site. We recommend that owners of hearing practices only construct a natural link, which is the process by which organic methods are established. This is considered the ‘right’, or ‘white hat’ way to build links.

The aim is also to build quality backlinks. These must be both authoritative and relevant.

Authoritative: Not all links are the same: A link from a web site like the New York Times will have a greater impact on your search engine results pages (SERPs) rankings than a link from a website that is small or newly built. Of course, it is much more difficult to convince someone from the New York Times to link to your website.

Relevant: Backlinks should also be relevant. It will not help much if a website about cat food links to your hearing practice website, no matter how much traffic that website gets.

Why Link Building Is Important for SEO

Natural, organic link building is very hard to do. But it has many benefits for your hearing aid clinic, including:

  • Improved organic ranking – As mentioned earlier, quality backlinks mean that other websites are vouching for you, which shows you are a valuable source of information and likely to improve the user experience for search engine users. The search engines then reward you with a higher ranking on the SERPs which means that people who are searching for hearing aids in your area are more likely to come across your website.
  • Faster indexing – Search engine bots use the backlinks from current web pages to find other pages. This is called ‘crawling’. They can only crawl your entire site successfully when they have found one of your site’s pages. If you don’t have any backlinks, search engine bots will find it harder to locate your site. It is essential to get backlinks especially for a new web site, as they help bots discover your site more quickly and index it.
  • Increased referral traffic – If you are reading a post, you can click on the links to learn more about the subject. This means your website traffic will increase. Also, because these individuals choose to click on these links, they are more likely to stay on that page, means your websites ‘bounce rate’ is lower. A lower ‘bounce rate’ is also a good indicator for search engines that your website is valuable.

How to get other sites to link to you

There are several ways you can build quality backlinks used to get external websites to link to yours:

  1. Make great content

You need to give them a reason for people to link to you. The best reason is a well-informed informative article on issues which will be of interest to your potential hearing aid clients. They will happily link to it if your content if it is useful and easy to digest.

  1. Promote that content

Before you can expect someone to find your material and link to it, you must tell people about it! Once you have great articles or other content, share it on social media, and try and find influential people in your field to share it too.

  1. Engage in broken link-building

This is one of the more advanced strategies. It involves finding links that lead to dead ends on an authoritative website, and then producing content that is relevant to that link. Then you ask the webmaster of that page to insert your link in place of the dead link.

Although this can be very effective, this is also a time-consuming, complicated process and you might benefit from an SEO expert if you want to engage in broken link-building.


All hearing aid practices should be interested in increasing the number of quality backlinks to their website. The links will help increase the number of hearing aid patients you receive. It might take a while to get these links, but it is an essential part of any local hearing aid clinic’s SEO strategy. If you’re looking for more help in this area, why not reach out to one of our experts to see how we can help your hearing practice grow?