Use Responsive Search Ads to Maximize Your Advertising

Use Responsive Search Ads to Maximize Your Advertising

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Google Responsive Ads are the “top of the line” advertisement options available from Google and the ads you want to use for your audiology clinic. Through our experience and from the statistics offered by Google these ads can improve your campaign performance by customizing your display headlines, allowing you to use branding taglines that draw a visitor’s attention.

What are Responsive Ads?

These are the newest type of advertising offered by Google. These ads are more flexible, allowing you to write up to 15 different headlines with 4 different descriptions. Google will then mix and match headlines and descriptions to make 43,680 different variations. This allows for more ad testing possibilities and let’s your team easily find the ads that perform the best.

Google will run different combinations of headlines and descriptions and then determine which combinations do best depending on the keyword used to search for the information.

Google Response Ads Are Bigger

These new Search Ads show up to three headlines with 30 characters which give you more searchability. They offer two description fields where you can write up to 90 characters. That is one more headline and description field than the expanded text Ads and 10 more available characters. What does that mean for your audiology clinic? It means you have more keyword potential and more of a description to draw viewers and get them to click on your Ad and go to your offer or website.

How to Create These Responsive Search Ads in Google Ads

Creating Google Advertisements does take SEO know how and should be performed by a reliable SEO expert. Additionally, the Responsive Search Ads are still in Beta testing and only available to certain accounts, primarily experienced SEO firms who create a lot of advertisements.

Do Responsive Search Ads Show All 3 Headlines and Descriptions?

No. Like other Responsive Display Ads, these new Ads show in different shapes and sizes, depending on the user’s screen size. Small screens will show fewer components of the Ad, while larger ones will show more. Even so, your responsive search ad will show e of the headlines and at least one description.

How Do These Search Ads Perform for Audiology Clinics?

Responsive Search Ads are bigger than other Google ads. They have an approximate 15% higher click through rate compared to others. However, this percentage will vary depending on the type of business and advertisement.

More Headlines and Descriptions Means Better Performance

A good SEO company will ensure you have more than 3 headlines and 2 descriptions as this strengthens the performance of the ad and allow for more variations and testing. With this ad about 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions can be tested.

Highlight A Specific Feature in Each Headline and Description

One particularly important tip when using this type of advertising is to avoid repetitive or variations that are too similar and boring. Google wants you to create headlines that are different and interesting, otherwise they may not even be used.

When developing this ad, it is important to add different features, and make distinct values pop. It is also important to try to include keywords in all headlines. Each headline and description should be of different lengths so Google can serve it appropriately to the size of device it is being called up to.

Are Other Google Ads Going Away?

No. Google is not dismissing its popular expanded search ads. It’s just that Google now recommends that you run one Responsive Ads group along with your other types of advertising. This helps you test the advertisements and makes sure your ad appears as much as possible.

Just One Responsive Search Ad Is Enough

Google is testing the elements of the Responsive Search Ad you created so there is no need to create multiple forms of the Ad. Testing more than one version can cause your Ads to not test in their variants.

What Can You Do to Make My Information Ready for Responsive Search Ads?

Your audiology clinic should review your current ads with our team SEO and marketing specialists, such as AuDStandard. Find the top performing ads and use elements of these to create alternative headlines and descriptions for Responsive Search Ads. Review new high-quality headlines with your marketing specialists. Search different Ads to start brainstorming new variations.


Do you need some help leveraging the power of responsive search ads to get more hearing aid patients? We can help! Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.