Turning the Clock Back Could Mean Less Productivity

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Tucker Worster

In 2016, Tucker co-founded AuDStandard and in early 2018 became the principal owner and CEO. Under his leadership, AuDStandard has become one of the fastest growing groups in the industry.
Tucker Worster

This past Sunday at 2AM, Daylight Saving Time 2017 officially came to an end. Millions of people rejoiced in unison at the concept of gaining an extra hour of sleep. Even though we gain an hour, our biological clocks can easily be thrown off sync.

As your coworkers walked through the door on Monday, it may have taken them a bit longer than usual to get into their typical workflow. This is simply because our bodies and minds are not quite ready for this new, slightly skewed schedule that we are asking them to follow.

There are a few simple steps that can be taken in your practice to help your team adjust.

  • Let the sunshine in – Exposure to in the office increases energy and Vitamin D.
  • Huddle up! – Having a 5 -10 minute team huddle prior to patients arriving gets your team energized and engaged.
  • Lighting is the key – Make sure the office is well lit in late afternoon and evening hours. Installing light bulbs that mimic natural light can enhance your work space.

Last but not least, be patient.  Everyone’s internal clock should adjust within 1-2 days.