Is It Time for A Website Redesign?

Is It Time for A Website Redesign?

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In 2016, Tucker co-founded AuDStandard and in early 2018 became the principal owner and CEO. Under his leadership, AuDStandard has become one of the fastest growing groups in the industry.
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At one point or another, you might have dedicated a lot of time, money and effort into creating and building your website. You might not have even thought about redesigning your website, but if it’s been a while since you have really put some time into your site, it might be time to do so. These are a few questions that you can ask yourself when determining if this is something you should put some time and effort into.

Does Your Site Look Outdated?

Appearance isn’t everything when it comes to your website, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Try to take an unbiased look at your website in comparison to some of your competition. If your site looks old and outdated or if it has an unprofessional appearance, it’s time to make some changes. This can help your business look more professional and can help your website look more trustworthy.

Is Your Website Secure?

First and foremost, it is very important to make sure that your website is secure. For example, if you do not have an SSL certificate, your site will not rank as well on the major search engines. Also, customers might not feel as comfortable using your website if it’s missing an SSL certificate.

In addition to ensuring that your site has a valid, non-expired SSL certificate, you should take other steps to ensure that your site is secure. For example, make sure that your server is secure, and only make use of online shopping carts and payment processing platforms that take security seriously.

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

When you first built your website, you might not have focused much on making it mobile-friendly. After all, in the past, more users accessed the internet with their laptop or desktop computers. Now, though, times have changed, and more and more people access the internet from their smartphone or tablet.

If you want to avoid missing out on customers, you should make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. Test it on multiple devices to ensure that everything works as it should. You might see a big increase in traffic and use of your website after you do so.

Also, one thing that you might not know is that your search engine rankings can actually be impacted if you don’t make your website mobile-friendly. Sites that are mobile-friendly show up first on the search engine results, so this might be what is lacking in your search engine optimization campaign.

Is Your Content Up to Date?

Lastly, take an honest look at your content. For one thing, you should check for any outdated content. If your website has information about products and services that you don’t offer anymore, if some of your contact information is outdated or if there is otherwise old or inaccurate information on your site, you should remove or update this information immediately.

Then, take a look at your content to see if it could use a refresh. Adding a few new blog posts, updating your product descriptions and adding other fresh content can help a lot.

Does Your Site Work Quickly?

If your site loads slowly, customers might get frustrated and head to another site. Clean up your site, upgrade to another server or website hosting company or make other changes to ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible. There are tools that you can use if you would like to test your website speeds and look for ways to improve those speeds.

Does Everything Work?

Links that don’t work, photos or videos that don’t load and other similar problems can be a big turn-off for your customers. Check to make sure that everything works on your website. This will help prevent use of your site from being frustrating for your customers and will help you ensure your site is seen as being professional.

If you answered no to any of the questions above, now is the time for a website redesign. Whether you tweak a few things or completely redo your website, you are sure to find that it will help your business be more successful on the World Wide Web.