How to Make Your Practice Eco-Friendly (while saving money!)

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Tucker Worster

In 2016, Tucker co-founded AuDStandard and in early 2018 became the principal owner and CEO. Under his leadership, AuDStandard has become one of the fastest growing groups in the industry.
Tucker Worster

‘Going Green’ is not only great for the environment, but it’s great for your wallet as well. There are many ways to make your practice green, and they may be simpler than you think. Here are some easy ways to make your practice environmentally-friendly.

  1. Try switching to post-consumer waste (PCW)
    If you can skip using paper completely, you should try to do that (email receipts, bills, etc.) If you have to use paper, look for PCW paper. This paper is made from recycled paper, uses 45% energy less to make and creates half the waste that usually ensues during paper making. Try to find products with the highest amount of PCW available.
  2. Use biodegradable cleaners
    Biodegradable essentially means natural. By using natural cleaning products, you reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals which in turn reduces the chances of them getting into the environment.
  3. Use compact-fluorescent or LED lights
    While they may have a higher purchase price than standard lightbulbs, they last much longer and use less energy. If you replace your current bulbs with eco-friendly ones, you can save almost $200 a year.
  4. Replace outdated appliances
    If you have an old microwave or coffee maker in your practice’s kitchen, it may be time to switch it out with a newer model. Many appliance stores offer a variety of eco-friendly options that will save energy and money.
  5. Get an energy audit
    Did you know many states will conduct free energy audits for your office or home? By sealing cracks and leaks, you can cut down your heating and cooling bills up to 20%.
  6. Power your practice with alternative energy
    A lot of utility providers offer a “green power” option which uses clean energy that is used for the electrical grid.
  7. Use public transportation, bike or carpool
    If you and your employees are coming to work from the same area, try carpooling in order to save gas. Or, forgo a car all together and bike to work which will save money and energy, all while getting your exercise in. 
  8. Recycle
    Last but certainly not least: recycle. Have a recycling bin available in your office for paper, plastic and carboard.

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