How Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Can Help Your Hearing Clinic

How Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Can Help Your Hearing Clinic

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Tucker Worster

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Tucker Worster

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t the only digital marketing strategy that your hearing clinic should consider. In fact, hearing clinics like yours have also found much success through Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

Like SEO, it is another way to market on search engines, using targeted ads. The difference is that with PPC you pay for the privilege of ranking close to the top of search engine results. As the name suggests, the more people who click your ad, the more you spend.

How can PPC marketing help your hearing clinic?

1. Target when your customers are interested

You are offered a myriad of options when deciding on a PPC marketing campaign for your clinic. But it is very useful to think about the keywords you are using, as well as the times and days that you choose to advertise. Local PPC marketing offers these options.

Using the right keywords, your ad will be shown to your potential customers exactly at the time they are looking for hearing clinics (when they are searching for them). This increases the likelihood that they will click on your link. This is opposed to regular ads on social media websites, which might advertise to your audience at a time when their minds are preoccupied with other things, like catching up with friends.

By only showing ads to your customers at the right times, you reduce spending on appealing to audiences who don’t want hearing aids.

2. Target where your customers are

In a recently published report, Google’s found that “3 out of 4 shoppers who find local information in search results helpful are more likely to visit stores.” This underlines the importance of targeting locally with your marketing campaigns.

Through PPC, you can target by location. By only having to target a small area, you actually have the advantage over national businesses. Large companies have to bid on keywords for a nationwide audience, which is much more expensive due to the amount of competition for these keywords.

As a local hearing clinic, you only have to focus on the potential customers in your local area. You can then tailor your ad copy to make it super relevant to your local audience. This is after all, the people who are most likely to be interested in contacting you for a hearing consultation.

3. Increase your calls and contact form fills

Hearing clinics are more successful when they have more ‘leads. These are the individuals who agree to a hearing test or consultation. So everything you do when marketing your practice must focus on increasing these leads. Not all of these leads will become fully-fledged hearing aid customers. In marketing-speak, these leads go down a ‘funnel’, whereby a certain percentage of your incoming callers and form-fillers will be converted to paying customers.

The challenge then, is to keep that funnel filled with leads. PPC marketing can help you do this much faster than an SEO campaign. Almost immediately, you will see your website visitors grow. Importantly, you are able to measure this growth using a host of free tools provided by Google, such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics. This makes it easier for you to see which of your campaigns are most effective, helping your further refine your marketing campaign to reach your particular goals.

You be able to find out, for example, which of your ads has led to the highest number of calls and contact form fills for your hearing clinic.

You’ll also get a higher return on your investment, compared to a SEO campaign. This will help you to spend more smartly in your next PPC campaign. For small companies such as yours, this is essential for keeping your modest marketing budget under control.


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