How Healthy is Your Website?

How Healthy is Your Website?

Tucker Worster Websites

Tucker Worster

In 2016, Tucker co-founded AuDStandard and in early 2018 became the principal owner and CEO. Under his leadership, AuDStandard has become one of the fastest growing groups in the industry.
Tucker Worster

Your website is a precious resource for marketing purposes. It is the first point of interaction with your brand for many clients. Today’s business world requires you to have a presence on search and social media, for sure. However, a good website continues to be essential to your overall marketing strategy.

Owning and running your own practice is time consuming and difficult. However, considering the health and efficiency of your website will help you find new hearing aid patients faster.  Here are the five questions you need to ask yourself about your website.

Is your website user-friendly?

Web user interfaces are far more than a series of colors, images and text. They are the link between the customer and the experience. The absolute first impression of a brand is derived in seconds by viewing a website.

In order to maximize the first impression that your website visitors of your hearing practice, make sure your website has:

  • navigation that is easy and intuitive
  • in how your data is presented, some sort of visual order
  • a clear idea of your hearing practice and what you do

Simplicity is the essence of a great user-experience. Websites which are both easy to comprehend and use but also visually pleasing will always be welcome. It should be easy to traverse through your website, with subtle guidance on where to go to get the information your website visitors are looking for.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

Mobile phones were already used for almost half (49.7%) of all worldwide website views in 2017. This year, mobile users have already overtaken desktop users in numbers, which means we are entering the age of mobile supremacy.

Your customers are likely browsing your website while in their car, in line at the grocery store, or at the gym. They are not at their desk. This means that you need to prioritize mobile-optimized website designs as soon as you can. Make it a top priority in 2019 if your site is not mobile friendly.

Is your website fast enough?

Forty-six percent of people say that waiting for pages to load is their least favorite part of browsing on mobile devices. For your visitors, site speed may be one of the most important things to get right. Since a visitor spends an average of 30 – 50 seconds on a site, it’s best not to waste that time by making them wait.

Plus, a more lightweight method of serving content is necessary for the increasing number of mobile consumers. As mentioned earlier, your potential customers are increasingly loading your website while out and about. They are either using their own personal smartphone internet plans (which can be patchy) or the weak Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop. Make sure your website has the best chance of loading quickly on any internet connection.

Does it have basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in place?

SEO is a practice of enhancing the quality and amount of website traffic, as well as publicity for your brand, through organic search engine results. The best thing about SEO is that a good SEO campaign can continue attracting new hearing aid clients for years to come.

To find out if your website is optimized, check to see if your website:

  • has all its pages indexed by Google
  • is fully crawlable by search engine bots
  • has unique and relevant meta data on every page
  • has alt-text for each image
  • uses header tags to make its content more readable
  • uses the right keywords on each page
  • contains good anchor text on each link

Is it connected to Google Analytics?

Your website visitors lead behind valuable data each time they visit your website. If you let individuals browse your site without gathering data on their website actions, you leave precious information that can be used to your advantage. Google Analytics provides a huge set of information about the actions of your site and visitors. It is essential that your website is properly integrated with Google’s main webmaster and analytics tools so that you can begin using this information to make better website decisions in the future.


We pride ourselves on building fast and mobile friendly websites with a modern design. Contact us today for a chat on building a healthier website for your hearing clinic.