Audiology Marketing

Audiology Marketing


As larger businesses enter the market with cheaper devices, it can be a challenge for the local hearing aid practitioner to compete. However, we must not forget that fewer than 16% of those who need hearing aids have ever used them. This means that there are still plenty of hearing aid customers out there. It may seem like you can’t find them anywhere, but we’re confident we can help them find you.

At AuDStandard, we are experts in online audiology marketing, offering proven strategies to help grow your hearing practice. Whether your aim is to attract new hearing aid patients, to inform current patients about your other services, or to recommend specific hearing aid models, AuDStandard can curate a winning audiology marketing plan for you. We want to establish and consolidate your local hearing practice as the premier choice for your clients as they go through their hearing loss journey.

In order to grow, the first step in marketing in an audiology practice is understanding your customers, who they are, and what their goals are. From this information you can determine which keywords to target, in order to mold content which meets the needs of customers as well as search engines.

From this baseline, we can begin to leverage our digital marketing strategies detailed below:

Local SEO

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) helps companies promote their products and services to those who live in the local area, at the precise moment they’re searching online.

According to Google, 46% of searches indicate a’ local intent’ which means these people are looking for information, products or services in their local area. Most clients of your hearing aid will probably come from areas surrounding your practice, and we want to maximize this potential. We use a range of techniques to successfully improve your hearing practice’s local search presence.

Improperly marketing your practice can be costly and time-consuming. Let our industry-specific marketing experts take the guesswork out of creating and implementing successful marketing campaigns with services including:

  • Modern Website Development
  • Localized Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Review Generator
  • Pay-per- click (Google Ads and Re-targeting)
  • Social Media Management
  • Press releases and Public relations
  • Event marketing and scheduling
  • Custom graphic design
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Logo development
  • Print advertising

Modern Website Development

Your website is most likely the first experience that potential customers have with your organization. It’s how they learn about your products or services, how they communicate with you, and how they decide whether or not to purchase your solution.

Our websites:

  • Load fast: 40% of people will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • Are mobile-optimized: In 2018, for the first time, mobile user overtook desktop users as the most common way to access the internet.
  • Are well-designed: It takes about 0.2 seconds a website user to make up their opinion about a website.

Tracking the progress toward your goals is key component to the success of any business owner. AuDStnandard’s proprietary Member Portal is the hub for all things relating to your relationship with AuDStandard.

  • Pricing
  • Purchase History
  • Manufacturer Mix
  • Acquisition Cost Tracking
  • Points Balance
  • Rebate Balance
  • Points Redemption Options and Shopping Cart
  • Manufacturer and Vendor Account Numbers

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Online reviews

It’s rare that customers will purchase a product without reading through several online reviews, and that also goes for hearing practices. In 2016, at least one internet review was read by 90% of shoppers before choosing to visit a company. More importantly, 94% of internet shoppers reported that they were convinced by a negative review to avoid visiting a business.

Positive online reviews drive purchases, make you more visible on search engines and increase your trustworthiness. We help you manage your online reviews to maximize search engine visibility, trustworthiness and hearing aid sales.

Practice owners know finding and hiring the right additions to your staff takes time and can sometimes be frustrating. Trust our specialists to locate and pinpoint top talent in the industry, so you can focus on your patients. We provide:

  • Development and support of strategies for reorganizationand structural realignment
  • Development of a funnel of provider and PCC candidates for planned and unplanned attrition
  • Development of social media strategies for recruitment across multiple platforms
  • Experts for regular participation in industry events to recruit new and exciting talent for your organization
  • Ongoing direct recruiting for all staffing needs with timely and quality candidate selections
  • Support for new hire acquisition and integration activities in partnership with HR and training teams
  • Implementation of hiring assessment tools and strategies to find the best matches in both qualifications and personality for your practice


PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, an online marketing platform where you post an ad on a search engine and pay a fee every time the ad is clicked on. Your advertisements will be shown to the right audience at the right time to produce meaningful leads. PPC produces quick results and you have the ability to set your own budget to your requirements.

Google reports that PPC ads can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, making customers more likely to remember and communicate with your brand. We run PPC campaigns using Google Ads and re-targeting to quickly attract new hearing aid clients to your business.

AuDStandard’s experienced professional development team will take your practice to the next level by offering a full range of support, professional coaching, training and development tools. In doing so, our team can increase your practice’s overall functionality, as well as its level of patient care and overall satisfaction. Our training includes:

  • Gap analysis for the identification of strengths and areas of opportunity for your practice
  • Sales Training
  • Industry-specific product training
  • Mentoring programs
  • Positive and effective coaching and development practices
  • Resource recommendations

Social Media

Social platforms provide a platform for communicating with current and potential customers, increase brand awareness and boost leads. It also allows you to quickly gather feedback and solve issues from recent customers. With more than three billion people using social media networks each month around the globe, it becomes more important for your business with every passing year.

We help you run successful social media campaigns for your hearing practice, building awareness and helping potential hearing aid customers engage with you on a personal level.

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