Tracking the progress toward your goals is key component to the success of any business owner. AuDStandard has made a substantial investment into our proprietary Member Portal – AMP (AuDStandard Member Portal). AMP is the hub for all things relating to AuDStandard. Including:
  • Price Guides
  • Purchase History
  • Manufacturer Mix
  • Cost Tracking
  • Points Balance
  • Rebate Balance
  • Points Redemption Options and Shopping Cart
  • Manufacturer and Vendor Account Numbers

Below are a sample of the metrics contained within AMP:


What our members are saying about AMP:

“It looks great…very streamlined, and easy to understand.”
- Susan Sacks, Susan Sacks Audiology Services

“I Love it!”
- Dr. Harriet B. Jacobster, Au.D., Lyric Audiology and Tinnitus Center

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