5 Things you Should Never Say to your Patients

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Tucker Worster

In 2016, Tucker co-founded AuDStandard and in early 2018 became the principal owner and CEO. Under his leadership, AuDStandard has become one of the fastest growing groups in the industry.
Tucker Worster

People don’t always say the “right” things, and practice owners are not immune to that. When dealing with a patient, it is important to be aware of what comes out of your mouth and more importantly, how it will make your patient feel. Here are a few phrases you should never say:

  1. We are just super busy
    Everyone is busy. If your patient is waiting for quite some time for your appointment and you find yourself running late, apologize. Do not come up with an excuse because that may translate into you not caring how your patient is feeling.
  2. This definitely won’t hurt
    Everyone experiences different levels of pain, so it is hard to define what may or may not hurt for someone. If you are unsure how it will make your patient feel, “this may be uncomfortable” will cover your bases.
  3. I totally get how you feel
    Unless you legitimately have been through what your patient is going through, it is hard to say you know exactly how they are feeling. It is nice to be able to empathize with a patient, but don’t lie to them.
  4. Oops
    This one is self-explanatory.
  5. I can’t locate your chart
    This is a phrase that should never be said. Make sure you are organized and are prepared to see each patient.

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